If I Were a Man…


I would dress like this. All the time. I know we women have ample choices in the clothing department, but I believe menswear in the new millennium is giving us a run for our money. “Less is more” never rang truer than in regards to menswear. With visibly fewer options (after all, the three-piece suit … Continue reading

Sartorial Twins: The Psychology of Dressing Alike


“Birds of a feather flock together.” People with similar tastes tend to gravitate towards one another. But could it also be argued that closeness breeds similarity? Twin infants, unbeknownst to them, are made to sport the same attire. But usually, when they grow older, they want nothing more than to break free from sartorial sameness. … Continue reading

Tweed Is in the Air


Could it be that men’s street style is finally catching up with women’s? Not that we would ever want for the former to resemble the latter in all its ornateness, but it’s refreshing to see men in tailored tweed jackets, adorned with colourful pocket squares, and cute bow ties or flamboyant cravats to boot. Dapper, … Continue reading

Inspiration as of Late II


Big skirts, cinched waists, classic trench coats, and high collars. Photos via style.com



… beautiful. via O.M.O. writes

Less Is More


“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”—Plato This, to me, is a winning look for so many reasons, namely the unique cut of her blazer, the cool leopard print lining, the contrasting turtleneck, the eye-popping necklace, and finally, a touch of red on the lips to add vibrancy to … Continue reading