If I Were a Man…


I would dress like this. All the time. I know we women have ample choices in the clothing department, but I believe menswear in the new millennium is giving us a run for our money. “Less is more” never rang truer than in regards to menswear. With visibly fewer options (after all, the three-piece suit … Continue reading

The Danger With Fashion: The Hidden Consequence of Dressing With Intent


I don’t recall when I actually began to dress up. Nor do I remember simply waking up one morning decked out in pleated bow dresses and leopard pumps. What I do recall, however, is that the sartorial prescriptions of major retail chains and those of my unwitting peers were like gospel to me, and as … Continue reading

Q&A: Monica De Liz on the Language of Clothes, Chanel, and Visible Bra Straps


If you haven’t already surmised, this blog is all about extolling the virtues of dressing well. And what better way to do so than with a one-on-one with an expert on the subject. A certified image consultant, speaker, business coach, and elected one of the “Top Ten Best Dressed Montrealers” by the Montreal Mirror, Brazilian … Continue reading

Is Style Learned or Innate?


We all know or have come across someone with impeccable style, so impeccable that we’re in constant awe of their sartorial prowess. And it’s unanimous. People who know such a person will agree that she dresses without a fault. This person never disappoints, and never ceases to amaze us, as her sartorial presentations always elicit … Continue reading

Extremes of Style: The Fashion Uniform


Following my rumination on fashion extremists eccentrics (enter descriptive term of your choice here), I now turn to another rara avis of fashion, a bird so rare that I don’t believe there’s a term, let alone one with the potential to arouse complaint, to describe the individuals who prescribe to this style of dress. And … Continue reading

Extremes of Style: The Fashion Eccentric


In a world where fashion blogs flood the Internet (guilty as charged), luxury brands take to Web 2.0, and where the sartorial feats of current First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, have propelled her to fashion icon status,  it’s safe to say that we live in a time where fashion garners fascination in … Continue reading