One: Outfits From a New Era at the Montreal Biosphere


Our day-to-day is filled with alluring billboards, enticing magazine adverts, and pop-up ads that beckon us straight through the pearly gates of our numerous pantheons of goods and services. We buy to no end, only to discard our new acquisitions once the initial appeal has worn off. Consumerism is undeniably the name of the game, but … Continue reading

The Desk


Despite readily available Wi-Fi, coffee shops at every street corner, and the mobility provided by our increasingly lightweight laptops, there’s something romantic about the idea of toiling away at a desk, hunched over your blank canvas of choice, with a surge of creativity flowing through your veins. A clearly established workspace lends itself to consistent bouts of productivity (anything less, and I … Continue reading



While some people may struggle with lack of closet space, or counter space, my problem has always been insufficient book space. As I was searching for book storage ideas online, I came across all sorts of innovative, and quirky bookcases and bookshelves, all of which have their very own practicality issues, but the ones below … Continue reading



Jewelry by Noir. I think that black and gold make the perfect pair, but I’m partial to the smoky glass ring in this case. Simply divine! via Max & Chloe