If I Were a Man…


I would dress like this. All the time. I know we women have ample choices in the clothing department, but I believe menswear in the new millennium is giving us a run for our money. “Less is more” never rang truer than in regards to menswear. With visibly fewer options (after all, the three-piece suit … Continue reading

Tweed Is in the Air


Could it be that men’s street style is finally catching up with women’s? Not that we would ever want for the former to resemble the latter in all its ornateness, but it’s refreshing to see men in tailored tweed jackets, adorned with colourful pocket squares, and cute bow ties or flamboyant cravats to boot. Dapper, … Continue reading

Why Sir, You’re a Dandy Gentleman, You Surely Don’t Listen to Hip-Hop?!


Does musical taste affect style or vice versa? Or are people too quick to judge when a person does not adhere to what is perceived as the style of dress of avid listeners of a particular music genre? This New York Times article about boutique and label The Brooklyn Circus got me thinking about this very subject. … Continue reading