Dietrich and the Tuxedo

By Emily Patterson The re-appearance of the tuxedo on the catwalk this fall instantly sent images of a young Marlene Dietrich in Morocco (1930) to my mind. In her debut film role, Dietrich stood on stage, a magnificent androgynous sexually charged female, dressed in long black pipe trousers, a white shirt, and smoking jacket, and … Continue reading

Sartorial Prowess and Journalistic Faux Pas in Absence of Malice


In Absence of Malice,  Sally Field is Megan Carter, a reporter who makes mistakes—many mistakes. When a federal prosecutor, desperate for leads in an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of a local union leader, conveniently leaves the case file on his desk, she reads it, and subsequently writes a story about the alleged suspect, Michael … Continue reading

A Lesson in Cool From Paris Blues


What is cool? Cool is often hard to describe.  The term cool is subjective. It is relative. It’s indefinable, really, and the kind of thing that you only recognize once you see it or experience it for yourself. Some things are automatically branded cool.  Sometimes, cool is about excess. Other times, cool is restraint. Adding … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Hitchcockian Chic


In my last year of university, I enrolled in a seminar, the subject of which was the work of esteemed film director Alfred Hitchcock. Sitting among self-proclaimed film buffs, all I had for reference was that famous profile sketch of the director, which filled the TV screen before each episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and that infamous shower … Continue reading

Heartbeats, Vintage and More Vintage: Is It Too Much of a Good Thing?


I went to see Xavier Dolan’s highly-acclaimed second feature, Hearbeats (Les amours imaginaires) the other day. Rarely do movie posters in the metro pique my curiosity, but this one, I thought, was etched with mystery, and as such, warranted a closer look. The story behind this highly-stylized cinematic offering is simple: Francis (Xavier Dolan) and … Continue reading