Holiday 2012 Wish List

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is… La Lilouche Sophia Black Silk Kimono Robe Pure With Heart Cut Out (in Midnight Black), $179 at youngrepublic.com. iPad Mini (in Black & Slate), starting at $329, at apple.com. Paisie Vintage Style Golden Metal Collar Insert, $30, at youngrepublic.com. This City by Ruben Ireland (22 x 22), … Continue reading

Milan_Pole_Dance_Studio _Milan

Milan Pole Dance Studio: Werk It!

After trying out a bevy of disciplines including karate, aerobics, swimming and kickboxing, I can tell you with utmost certainty that you haven’t had a real full-body workout until you’ve twirled around a golden pole in four inch heels and short shorts, ladies…and gents (give and take the short shorts and heels for the gents). … Continue reading


The 2012 Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium Series Food: A Serving of Science Recap

Food: not only a source of nourishment, but a source of pleasure. There was a time when food was simple, and thus enjoyable. However, as of late, it’s become a real source of anxiety. With conflicting messages about food, coupled with the surge in nutritional fads, most if not all contradicting one another, it’s no … Continue reading


What’s On Your Plate? The 2012 Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium Series Answers This Question and More

Since I far from know my way around the kitchen, I’m more often than not reaching for ready-to-eat meal propositions, or food right out of the can. For instance, I just had a bowl of Campbell’s Teriyaki Beef Noodle and Vegetable soup I picked up at the convenience/grocery store a stone’s throw from my place. … Continue reading


When Fear Becomes You

Here’s a thought: why do we let ourselves be governed by fear? Fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of the unknown. I’m afflicted with the latter, but I sit here wondering why that is. Far too coddled as a child? Perhaps that explains it. Nature vs. nurture? Who knows. I’d like to stop being … Continue reading


Calling for a Return to Classic Chic

Every winter is the same story. Mind you, living in the arctic abyss otherwise known as Montreal—in all its slushy and salted glory—makes finding a robust yet stylish pair of winter boots virtually impossible.  Still, each year, I wish I wouldn’t feel so utterly defeated before the paltry offerings of shoe stores this side of … Continue reading