The Desk


Despite readily available Wi-Fi, coffee shops at every street corner, and the mobility provided by our increasingly lightweight laptops, there’s something romantic about the idea of toiling away at a desk, hunched over your blank canvas of choice, with a surge of creativity flowing through your veins. A clearly established workspace lends itself to consistent bouts of productivity (anything less, and I … Continue reading



While some people may struggle with lack of closet space, or counter space, my problem has always been insufficient book space. As I was searching for book storage ideas online, I came across all sorts of innovative, and quirky bookcases and bookshelves, all of which have their very own practicality issues, but the ones below … Continue reading



Jewelry by Noir. I think that black and gold make the perfect pair, but I’m partial to the smoky glass ring in this case. Simply divine! via Max & Chloe

Simply Gorgeous


General consensus as of late is that fashion publications leave much to be desired. It is said that editorials lack novelty, and whatever passes for avant-garde designs and whoever is crowned fresh-faced style icon of the day boils down to nothing more than imitation of the trends and trendsetters of yesteryear. While I share the … Continue reading