Happy New Year + Site Update


Chers amis,

‘Tis a new year, and with a new year comes great opportunity for renewal.

Pardon my tardiness with this site update that was long overdue. After much tinkering, this blog has successfully been exported to my personal website, katiajeanpaul.com. There, you’ll find all previously published posts therein, as well as a couple of new ones I managed to write in between full-blown existential crises and post-dirty 30 sobbing sessions, complete with vodka. Ah, to be young again! In 2014, as I turn a new leaf professionally, I’ll be cranking up the writing, and in doing so, will give this little blog in its new home the proper care and nurturing it deserves. Because as Annie Dillard so aptly put it, “How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.” And so a writer who purports to live for the craft should–well–do just that, and that regardless of the absence of ideal conditions (what passes for “ideal” these days, anyway?), occasional neuroses and that debilitating thing called perfectionism, each of which in the past has been far too convenient an excuse.

I wish to thank you for reading, commenting and engaging with me on this little corner of the web this past year, and invite you to follow me at katiajeanpaul.com, where I’ll continue to deliberate on all matters of fashion and style, and arts and culture, from the latest in molecular gastronomy to the beauty of  laptop orchestras (yes, there is such a thing), by way of my unrelenting adulation of menswear, of course. And, while you’re there, you’re more than welcome to read my latest published articles on my “Clips” page (insert shameless self-promotion), which I update regularly with my journalistic musings.

Goodbye ‘ol blog. Hello, 2014, and the resolution to write–and live– in earnest, now, and forever.

See you on the other side!

Until next,


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