Calling for a Return to Classic Chic


Every winter is the same story. Mind you, living in the arctic abyss otherwise known as Montreal—in all its slushy and salted glory—makes finding a robust yet stylish pair of winter boots virtually impossible.  Still, each year, I wish I wouldn’t feel so utterly defeated before the paltry offerings of shoe stores this side of the continent. Now, I know what you’re thinking.  There are plenty of both perfectly elegant and seasonal-appropriate boots out there for this understated dresser, but let me remind you, this girl’s feet are only shod in heels! Whatever happened to classic, knee-high leather boots? Why must designers complicate things, by adding gold trinkets at the ankle, huge buckles, and other gaudy embellishments? I must have dedicated my entire lunch hour everyday this past week hitting shoe store after shoe store in search of that simple, uncluttered pair of black leather boots, but to no avail.  But I haven’t given up just yet. You won’t be seeing this girl in puffy Michelin-man type confections anytime soon, although they would most likely be a sounder choice for Montreal winters. In the meantime, I can only hope the knee-high boot experiences a return to simplicity much like the classic black pump à la Manolo Blahnik’s return to prominence this past year, n’est-ce pas?

Photo: iirraa

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