Clothing and Double Entendre


Does clothing hold the power to conceal as much as it reveals about any one person?

Suppose you’re somewhat of an exuberant dresser. When you walk down the street, you command attention simply by virtue of the clothes on your back. Yet, you’re not an attention seeker like your sartorial choices would suggest. You’re more of an introverted character, but to observers, your wardrobe choices illustrate just the opposite.

A psychologist, with whom I shared my inherent lack of extraversion, reasoned that perhaps I was fooling myself about my disposition, since my style of dress did not fit with my “perceived” reserved and introverted nature. She did not think someone prancing around in 4-inch heels, skin-bearing halter dresses, and at-one-time, pompadour hair, could possibly be “shy”, and that perhaps I hadn’t yet come to the realization that I was just the opposite. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dress the way that I do, she concluded.

So is it misinterpretation? Misrepresentation?  Or simply an example of how wardrobe can conceal one’s true temperamental makeup as much as it can serve as a vehicle of self-expression, thus pointing to the notion that wardrobe tells only part of the story?

And if conspicuous style of dress and personality do not always go hand in hand, does it render the wearer whose personality “conflicts” with this expected ideal any less engaging?

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