Q&A: Monica De Liz on the Language of Clothes, Chanel, and Visible Bra Straps


If you haven’t already surmised, this blog is all about extolling the virtues of dressing well. And what better way to do so than with a one-on-one with an expert on the subject. A certified image consultant, speaker, business coach, and elected one of the “Top Ten Best Dressed Montrealers” by the Montreal Mirror, Brazilian import Monica De Liz is Montreal’s style coach par excellence, pairing her infectious enthusiasm and style know-how to help others put their best foot forward. Whether speaking before a class of business undergraduate students about the importance of first impressions, or lending her expertise during individual consultations, Monica’s infallible techniques and invaluable advice have made her an internationally renowned style connoisseur. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Monica, who gave me a glimpse of what she does, and shared her insights on fashion and personal style.

For those who may not be familiar with your line of work, what is a style coach or image expert?

“I help women feel fabulous in their clothes by providing affordable, fun and simple fashion insights that help them identify and overcome negative body-image beliefs so they can express who they are with authenticity, confidence and joy.”

How did you get into this line of work? Have you always had a passion for dressing well or did something else lead you down this career path?

“It has been an extraordinary self-discovery journey. My mom was a maid and my dad a carpenter, our family had very few resources in Brazil. Looking back, I believe my mom’s commitment to make sure me and my sister went to school and always looked the part is what got me into this career path. Her refusal to accept that just because we were born into a less privileged class of society, we had to dress and live as such has been a constant source of inspiration to be, do and have more.”

Why do you believe that it is important to present yourself well in today’s world? And what does it mean to “dress well”?

“For me, dressing is about self-expression. It’s a non-verbal language. Think about your wardrobe as a dictionary. Every piece of clothing conveys a specific message. Just like English, there are words that inspire us to manifest our dreams and there are words that don’t. The same philosophy applies to what we wear every day. There are clothes that enhance your features and the ones that create the opposite effect. Look at your wardrobe right now. Is it helping you sell your knowledge and skills or is it holding you back?”

What would you say to someone who believes that how you dress is irrelevant or bears little to no importance in today’s world?

“I respect their feelings. It’s where they are in their journey and that’s okay. I don’t try to fix or work against someone’s resistance to updating their image, I go with the flow. I support women that are ready and willing to unleash their full style potential.”

What are some of your style pet-peeves?

“Visible bra straps, bulky, outdated and worn shoes, pant hems that sweep the floor, wide belts placed right under the chest, and low rise jeans that display underwear.”

Do you have any style icons?

“Chanel for her courage to be true to her style, Diane Von Furstenberg for her pioneering business spirit, and Madonna for her ability to constantly reinvent her image.”

What do you believe are some existing misconceptions about dressing well?

“Here are the two most common excuses I hear often:

‘Dressing well costs a lot of money.’ (Not true. Have you been to Winners?)

‘I have to lose weight.’ (Stop postponing happiness. Accept your shape and feel good.)”

As a style coach, what kind of people enlist your services? And what are the services that you offer?
“My clients are professional women between 25-55 years old that want to update their personal image to get ahead in their careers and dating life. I offer style coaching sessions through wardrobe evaluations, shopping trips, and group presentations.”

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works? Seminars or presentations where we can get a glimpse of what you do?

“Yes! Right now, you can join me at the following events:

Ultimate Girls Getaway, Chateau Montebello – April 15-17 2011


Take Off Your Clothes, Toronto – May 27 & 28 2011


I just published my first book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career in collaboration with some 100 leading experts such as Brian Tracy and Tory Johnson.”

What advice would you have for someone considering a career as a style coach?
“My business grew organically as a result of helping friends and volunteering in the community. My advice to anyone considering a career in this field is to get a job in a retail store you love and start helping people find what they need. There is no course in the world that will be as effective as real life experience. This way, you will know if you enjoy this kind of work, have a clear understanding of what it takes to make your clients happy and save money on unnecessary courses. What are you waiting for? Just do it!”

For more information about Monica De Liz, please visit www.image4success.com

Photo: Monica De Liz

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  1. Way to go Katia,

    This was a fun read. I would have preferred to have a tip or two.
    Chack out STYLESENSE.com and give me your feedback.

    Happy Easter,

    Leanne Sanders

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