The Desk


Despite readily available Wi-Fi, coffee shops at every street corner, and the mobility provided by our increasingly lightweight laptops, there’s something romantic about the idea of toiling away at a desk, hunched over your blank canvas of choice, with a surge of creativity flowing through your veins. A clearly established workspace lends itself to consistent bouts of productivity (anything less, and I usually wake up with bracelet marks on the side of my face, wondering how a 15 min power nap turned into 3 hrs of deep slumber.) But will the desk soon be obliterated by the increasingly nomadic tendencies of our fast-paced world?

In this L Studio short, experts ponder this very question, and reveal what makes their workspace theirs. Enjoy!

Photo: Fernanda Mancini

2 Responses to “The Desk”
  1. Magda says:

    I would love to have a workspace like that! btw, you’re an amazing writer!

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