The Psychology of Style


Fashion. Style. Are the two synonymous? Interchangeable? Can the latter exist without the former?

It’s sometimes difficult to make the distinction, what with the inundation of periodic trend forecasts, dictates on the latest must-haves, and the ever changing state of prêt-à-porter. It seems as though the lines are blurred.

While fashion makes constant reference to the outside world, with designers taking cues from art, architecture, history, and culture, style is a reflection of oneself, thus stemming from within. The field of psychology offers tremendous insight on the subject. Below are three noteworthy articles on the debate of fashion versus style, courtesy of Psychology Today. They’re oldies, but goodies!


The Style Imperative

The Value of Style

How to Have Style

What is your take on fashion versus style?


Photo: Getty Images, featured in Style Book: Fashion Inspirations by Elizabeth Walker


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