Art of the Trench: Burberry Embraces Web 2.0


The trench coat is one of the few enduring fashion staples of our time. And now, Burberry, the London fashion house behind this belted classic, has recently launched, an online photo album dedicated to the timeless trench and the people who wear it.

Why the sudden revival? Well, Burberry is hoping to tap into the online market, and bring the trench to a whole new generation of consumers. And in this brilliant marketing strategy, the luxury brand has commissioned none other than famed blogger/street style photographer Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist, to shoot the first 100 photographs. Burberry also invites members of the global creative community to submit portraits of themselves clad in a Burberry trench to be added to this interactive photo mosaic where people can rate, comment on, and share images via Facebook Connect. The site also features a section entitled, “Story of the Trench”, a visual timeline of the trench starting from the 1910s to the present, complete with images, newspaper clippings, and videos illustrating the evolution of the ageless garment throughout the years.

As the first luxury brand to create a social media network of its own, melding the work of leading image makers with crowdsourcing to create a visually breathtaking tribute to the trench, Burberry has set a new standard in online marketing, one which will prove difficult to beat.

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