While some people may struggle with lack of closet space, or counter space, my problem has always been insufficient book space. As I was searching for book storage ideas online, I came across all sorts of innovative, and quirky bookcases and bookshelves, all of which have their very own practicality issues, but the ones below win hands down for being most aesthetically pleasing, and for the guest-oohing they will undoubtedly produce!


Magnetic Modular Shelving

Analog Modular Shelving Unit


The Invisible Bookshelf

The Invisible Stackable Bookshelf
The Floating Bookshelf
The Ubend
The Multi-Functional Shelf

Geometric Modular Shelving

See more bookshelves at the

One Response to “Bookworm”
  1. Nana says:

    I love them! My books are all over the place too, I tried to downsize i.e only keep the books that I truly adore, I do this regularly but to no avail, they are still everywhere… kind of like bad weeds. Except they are my lovelies… Ah.. books…

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