What’s in Your Wardrobe?


If I were asked this very question, I wouldn’t know what to answer. Despite the fact that I don’t own that many clothes to begin with (the amount of clothes I give away being highly disproportionate to the amount of clothes I acquire), I still never seem to be able to remember what fills my tiny wardrobe. And given that I no longer want to collect “orphans”, which would without a doubt end up on the next giveaway pile (here comes Santa!), I’ve recently somewhat reorganized my closet (it’s a work in progress) in order to get an actual, tangible idea of what’s in there, but most importantly  in order to explore uncharted sartorial territories in the hopes of curbing unnecessary, impulsive spending.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover hidden gems amid the small barrage of garments (excuse the oxymoron), as well as novel combinations which had never caught my eye until now.

In the first issue of Luxury Report Magazine, Montreal-based image expert Monica de Liz provides five helpful tips on how to reorganize your closet in order to optimize your current wardrobe. Read the article here.

Photo: unknown

5 Responses to “What’s in Your Wardrobe?”
  1. that was a great article, thans for sharing! your blog is lovely btw!

  2. if only my closet was that organized. & beautiful!xoxo,La C.

  3. OhDearLeah says:

    if that is your wardrobe, I am amazed!lovely blogxx

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