In the Navy

Navy blue. I think I have a love-hate relationship with good ol’ bleu marine at this very instant.

There’s apparently no consensus on whether navy blue can be worn with black, with some stating that the pairing of these very similar hues simply looks horrible while others contend that the latter is acceptable provided that it is done correctly.

But how do you know if you’ve done it correctly?

I, for instance, have innocently paired navy blue tops with either a black cardigan, a black cozy, a black blazer, or what have you, while never giving it a second thought. I simply went with what I owned. Now, some combinations did seem off-putting after the fact, but others did not appear to break any style rule in my eyes. It worked! And I certainly wasn’t aware that navy blue and black was a supposed no-no back then.

In spite of this, I must admit that I’ve recently been avoiding the few navy blue items in my wardrobe due to the fact that I no longer want to pair them with black. And because I somewhat now agree with this fashion rule (although rules of any sort are meant to be broken). But the truth of the matter is that even with a colourful belt, navy blue seems to simply fade into the background when paired with black (trust me, I’ve tried it.)

But if I’ve got nothing but black, what is a girl to do?

Well, while doing a bit of research, I found out that navy blue can be matched with lighter colours such as white, off-white, beige, cream, gold, light grey, yellow, red, green, and brown. While I don’t agree with all of these pairings (green?!), I definitely see how most of these colours could add more vibrancy to a navy blue outfit than black. And I suppose that that’s the idea, to be a bit more experimental and bold with our pairings of garments in order to create stylish, sophisticated, and memorable looks, such as these:


navy_blue_black_and gold

Navy blue has never looked so good!

If it wasn’t hellishly cold in Montreal, I would have no problem sporting a look like the one above, not having to fret over what colour to wear over my navy blue. But that just isn’t the case.

I like the idea of pairing navy blue and brown, but I suspect that it might not work with my dark complexion. A variation on the colour brown might be more suitable, such as mocca, a muted moss green, or my all-time favorite, taupe, but I find it difficult to find these specifics hues when perusing boutiques and department stores.

And most importantly, I wonder: is it worth purchasing a cardigan, cozy, shawl, or blazer in any one of these colours simply to match it with a few navy blue items that could be worn alone once spring rolls back into town? Hmm…

Photos via The Sartorialist

One Response to “In the Navy”
  1. apricot tea. says:

    I don’t have many navy blue items in my closet; I just realized this after reading your post. It’s sad, because I really like the color — I’m partial to royal blue, though.I like blue & black together, but the brown in those pictures looks great too. :] Red goes well with navy blue, I think, as does grey…

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