Watchful Eye


Although the current recession has yet to travel north of the border, experts argue that an economic slump is imminent, and as such, this girl is very worried!

Pinching pennies isn’t exactly my strong suit, but it’s a skill worth honing for the difficult times to come. Exercising restraint, as well as making far more calculated, rather than impulse purchases, are now on my agenda. Question is: how can we all save money without forgoing our pursuit of chic? While pondering this very question, I came to these obvious, but well worth repeating solutions.

– Take full advantage of sales, which are bound to happen as consumers’ fear of spending will drive retailers to slash prices.
– Just as you would prepare a grocery list, make a habit of planning your shopping trips, thus only stocking up on much-needed items, rather than purchasing unnecessary things.
-Finally, be creative. Be-be-creative! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Learn to create new combinations, and make an effort to expand your existing wardrobe by exploiting the versatility of clothes.
One Response to “Watchful Eye”
  1. apricot tea. says:

    Oh Lord, I am having such trouble with this. I’m getting so tired of recycling my clothing. I want new things! But… you are right. Being creative is the best (& most inexpensive way) to do things. :]Thank you for putting it into perspective for me!

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