Yana Collection: The Epitome of Chic





When I first stumbled upon Russian-born Chicagoan Yana German‘s Yana Collection, I immediately exclaimed, “This is it! This woman gets it!” Former ballerina and ballroom dancer turned independent high end designer, German channels the style and elegance of Old Hollywood, keeping the modern woman in mind, to create truly feminine pieces which epitomize classic chic in the purest sense of the word.

This relatively new designer’s Fall 2008 collection exemplifies everything that I’ve always believed modern classic chic should be, that is, well-structured, perfectly tailored garments with curve-defining lines, adorned with beautiful chiffon and lace, and made of soft, luxurious, and sheer fabrics, which won’t crumple at the slightest lift of an arm! Sophisticated clothing enabling women to glam it up, look sexy, and exude confidence, all in good taste and always with class…and mostly in black, the classiest colour there is (I’m elated, can’t you see?!)

In sum, German is one progressive designer who understands the concept of elegance, and tailors it to fit in with modern times, and as such, her signature line of business casual feminine clothing is one that I hope to see flourish in the years to come.

Photos via smashingdarling.com

One Response to “Yana Collection: The Epitome of Chic”
  1. Although I’m not so fond of the whole collection being quite black and dark, I still think she makes some of the most chic clothes I have seen that are actually wearable! This is a great post!BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

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