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Happy New Year + Site Update

Chers amis, ‘Tis a new year, and with a new year comes great opportunity for renewal. Pardon my tardiness with this site update that was long overdue. After much tinkering, this blog has successfully been exported to my personal website, There, you’ll find all previously published posts therein, as well as a couple of … Continue reading


On Hiatus

Hello dear readers, Please excuse my long absence from this little corner of the web. Aside from the usual culprits – my day job, lack of “inspiration” and to be perfectly frank, some personal setbacks – the other reason why I haven’t posted anything in so long is that I’m working on moving my blog … Continue reading


If I Were a Man…

I would dress like this. All the time. I know we women have ample choices in the clothing department, but I believe menswear in the new millennium is giving us a run for our money. “Less is more” never rang truer than in regards to menswear. With visibly fewer options (after all, the three-piece suit … Continue reading


TV is for Dummies…Or is it?

Getting a much welcomed respite from work this week has afforded me many sweet indulgences. For one, sleeping in, which medical experts duly advise against, but I’m sure you’ll agree is one of the few heavenly pleasures us mere mortals get to enjoy, eating, although if I overindulge, I could very well develop love handles … Continue reading


Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays y’all! Wishing you a merry good time filled with love, joy, lots of good food…and fashion, of course 🙂 Until next, K Photo: partymonstrrrr


An Open Letter to Extroverts

On second thought, no need to put pen to paper on this one. Susan Cain explains it best. Preach, girl, preach! Photo: Julep67 Related articles Introverts are Not Failed Extroverts ( Extroverts and Introverts Need Each Other ( Introvert liberation ( Introverts, (gently) rejoice! We found a web series just for you (